The Future of HPC: Predictions for 2023

Charlie Matar, Rita Horner

Feb 02, 2023

More than ever before, high-performance computing (HPC) is permeating our everyday lives with its ability to bring even more powerful compute capabilities into experiences we depend on and enjoy in our homes, offices, and cars. This uptick in the need for HPC can be attributed to a single factor: data. As data creation and consumption increase year over year, the HPC sector will need to overcome significant hurdles in keeping HPC on a sustainable, scalable growth path.

To address the growing demand for HPC, the necessity for developing faster, more powerful, and more efficient semiconductors will be a top priority for future EDA innovation. Charlie Matar, senior vice president of Engineering, and Rita Horner, product marketing director in the Synopsys Solutions Group, highlight key HPC predictions, including the growth of edge computing, the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the growing popularity of the HPCaaS model, a greater shift toward sustainability in the HPC space, and more.

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