Develop Functionally Safe and Secure Software-Defined Vehicles

The need for a plan that starts at the early phase of the development cycle must be in place to eliminate failures and unintended behavior of systems and ensure deployment of validated and secure software. Synopsys offers complete functional safety and security solutions that include automotive-grade IP, test and silicon lifecycle management, design implementation, hardware verification solutions, and consulting services. The Synopsys solutions comply with stringent functional safety and cybersecurity standards including ISO 26262 and ISO 21434, helping you to accelerate compliance qualification. Build and deploy safe and secure SoCs and software that protect your brand and the families that use your brand.

Key Benefits

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Build and deploy safe and secure SoCs and software

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Accelerate compliance certification

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Access complete functional safety and security solutions

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Accelerate Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Certification

Synopsys offers a portfolio of ASIL B- and D-compliant IP which are developed and assessed specifically for ISO 26262 random hardware faults and ASIL D systematic faults. The Synopsys EDA products are ISO 26262 certified and ensure safety from architecture through in-field operation with the ability to automate safety insertion and verify and calculate safety metrics. Our functional safety certification follows a stringent process which includes a safety plan that defines safety features for the target ASIL, employing independent safety manager, and documenting and reviewing milestones with requirements traceability. Collaborating with the ecosystem, Synopsys is building  cybersecurity protection into our EDA and IP products, supporting the ISO 21434 standard, to help you minimize cybersecurity risks and ensure highest levels of success. Quickly meet your SoC-level functional safety and security objectives while meeting you ASIL targets with Synopsys IP, digital implementation, hardware verification, test, and lifecycle management products.

Accelerate System and SW Development with the Right Tests, at the Right Time and Levels

Synopsys makes your job easier by providing a comprehensive automotive application security solution that enable you to accelerate your development with the right tests, at the right time, and at the right levels. Whether you are looking to achieve ISO 26262 compliance with industry leading certified tools or comprehensive security testing Synopsys has the technologies to help. Accelerate development and reduce defects by automatically correlating and aggregating application security activities including program objectives and metrics, policies, and compliance and regulation requirements. Execute static application security test (SAST), dynamic application security test (DAST), network vulnerability analysis, software composition analysis (SCA), and interactive application security test, all under a centralized application security management tool. Synopsys services for automotive application security help you align resources, processes, and technology to ensure security at each stage of the system and software development lifecycle.

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