VC Functional Safety Manager

Accelerate Functional Safety Certification of IP and SoC

VC Functional Safety Manager provides a comprehensive tool for IP and semiconductor groups targeting functional safety certification for ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and other functional safety standards. It serves the needs of IP and SoC architects, IP designers and verification engineers by providing a scalable and automated solution for Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA), unified fault campaigns management, annotation and calculation of metrics for the Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA), and configuration of work products for delivery to assessors and customers.

VC Functional Safety Manager delivers a scalable and collaborative FMEA/FMEDA solution. Existing tools do not scale with data, design and team size, are subject to inconsistency and lack of data management and require a manual approach to FMEDA annotation. VC Functional Safety Manager automates data entry and can handle any design size with its powerful database approach. Access control, audit trail, individual component-based version/revision control and many other features ensures that tasks can be efficiently distributed across multiple teams while data remains consistent leading to higher productivity. 

Key Features of Unified Functional Safety Verification Flow

Define FMEA for each design component

  • Import baseline information, if any (e.g. from spreadsheet)
  • Specify Failure Modes (FM), Safety Mechanisms (SM)
  • Specify technology / failure rate (FIT) details
  • Create corresponding detailed FMEDA

Extract design details from RTL/netlist (hierarchy, cell count, etc.)

  • Map Failure Modes to specific design hierarchy
  • Provide estimates of SM vs. FM coverage
  • Calculate preliminary ISO 26262 metrics

Execute fault campaign per failure mode

  • Generate tool setup information
  • Run fault simulation and back-annotate results
  • Recalculate ISO 26262 metrics based on measured coverage
  • Iterate as needed

Export ISO 26262 work products

  • FMEA and FMEDA per component / for entire SoC
  • For assessors and end customers