Exploring a Software First Approach to Avoid SoC Re-spins

Traditional coverage-based verification methods are no longer sufficient to verify complex SoCs integrating many processor cores and IP subsystems.  To conquer the verification challenge of complex SoCs, companies are shifting their development paradigm to a software first approach.  By considering the target software up front, as a critical part of the SoC development process, designs teams are able to signoff a new SoC for production with high confidence. 


In this Synopsys webinar we will cover the primary pre-silicon methods, along with their benefits, to execute a software first strategy:

- Virtual prototyping
- Emulation 
- FPGA-based prototyping 

Through the example of a production processor design project, we will provide insight into each methodology and how it helps to accelerate verification coverage.  This event is hosted by a software first methodology expert and aimed at verification and software teams working on next-generation SoC designs.


Listed below are the industry leaders scheduled to speak.

Alexander Vishnev Headshot

Alexander Vishnev

Sr Mgr, Applications Engineering

Alexander Vishnev is a Senior Manager Applications Engineer at Synopsys. He has 18 years of industry experience and a B.SC in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben-Gurion University. Alexander is currently leading the hardware Emulation and prototyping application team where he manages the pre and post sales technical support for Synopsys hardware verification platforms. An expert in multi-Emulation flows for software development, validation, verification, power-estimation, and simulation acceleration, Alexander values ownership, innovation, trust, teamwork & a people mindset.

Nadav Ansbacher Headshot

Nadav Ansbacher

Pre-Silicon Integration Lead

Nadav Ansbacher is a Senior Pre-Silicon Integration Engineer at Intel, where he manages the prototyping activities for Intel's CPU products. During the past 10 years, Nadav has led the charge in developing many extension cards, FPGA models, and established the "HFPGA farms". Nadav’s industry knowledge and expertise spans all aspects of FPGA design, prototyping, board design and industry protocols (such as PCIe, Thunderbolt, I2C, eSPI, etc.).

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