Synopsys ZeBu EP1

Industry’s First Unified Emulation and Prototyping System

Synopsys ZeBu® EP1 emulation system is the industry’s first unified hardware for emulation and prototyping. Customers can take advantage of a single verification hardware system through their chip development lifecycle. With up to 3X faster emulation compile, industry-leading users have achieved 19 MHz emulation and 100 MHz prototyping clock performance.


  • Industry’s fastest emulation and prototyping system
  • Flexible emulation and prototyping capacity
  • Faster compile for hardware verification
  • Full visibility debug
  • Industry leading virtual integrations
  • Real world system validation using speed adaptors and at-speed protocol interface cards
  • Industry's lowest total cost of ownership
  • Unmatched reliability
ZeBu EP1 Emulation System

Benefits of a Unified Emulation and Prototyping System

Hardware verification teams use emulation systems for faster SoC design verification, while software development teams need the additional performance that can be achieved with prototyping technology. With Synopsys ZeBu EP1 system teams are free from the constraints of fixed hardware, allowing their verification and software development requirements to drive how and when to shift capacity between emulation and prototyping, rather than having to estimate early on how much of each resource might be needed. 

The unified hardware system provides an easy-to-bring up emulation flow with high performance and support for full debug visibility. Using the prototyping flow of the Synopsys ZeBu EP1 system, teams can validate designs against real world interfaces at the highest possible performance. 

Synopsys protocol solutions for ZeBu EP1 offer a wide range of connectivity options to enable execution of complex software stacks and support many advanced interface protocols through:

  • At-speed connectivity with protocol interface cards
  • Transactors, including virtual testers for virtual interface connectivity
  • Speed adapters for in-circuit emulation
  • Synopsys IP Prototyping Kits

With Synopsys Virtualizer™, software developers have access to a fast hardware target for their software development and testing using unified hardware for hybrid emulation and prototyping.