Synopsys ZeBu Innovation

Synopsys is constantly innovating emulation technology to deliver the most advanced solutions and use cases for complex SoC verification, including:

  • Synopsys ZeBu EP1, the industry’s first unified hardware for emulation and prototyping. Customers can take advantage of a single verification hardware system throughout their chip development lifecycle. Industry leading users have achieved up to 19 MHz emulation and 100 MHz prototyping clock performance. 
  • Synopsys ZeBu Empower emulation system is the industry’s first SoC power-aware emulation system, enabling multiple iterations per day with actionable power profiling in the context of the full design and its software workload.
  • Synopsys ZeBu System Level Debug is the proven approach to efficiently debug complex SoC with billion cycle software workloads, leveraging Synopsys ZeBu’s high-bandwidth host interface for continuous data streaming and deterministic replay for eliminating redundant emulation runs.
  • Synopsys ZeBu Hybrid Emulation with Synopsys Virtualizer™ virtual prototyping solution, supported by an extensive library of virtual processor, memory and interface models, delivers 70-100x throughput gain for OS boot enabling more complex software validation and earlier tape-out.
  • Synopsys ZeBu Virtual Host and device models for PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0, USB 3.0, SATA, Ethernet, and NVMe enable validation of host to device software stack with real OS, driver and application software of complex SoCs.
  • Synopsys ZeBu Simulation Acceleration technology with unified testbench and design compile, speed optimized protocol transactors provides 100x speed up for Synopsys VCS® functional verification solution and simulation thus reducing RTL regression cycle time.
  • Synopsys ZeBu Speed Adaptors connect Synopsys ZeBu emulation systems to real-world environments for in-circuit emulation (ICE) use cases. Based on proven Synopsys  IP they support PCIe, CXL 2.0, Ethernet, USB, SATA, Display port as well as 5G testers, Arm Juno boards and customer specific hardware.