Synopsys Expands LucidDrive Features for Pixel Light

Optical Solutions Editorial Team

Dec 15, 2021 / 1 min read

The Synopsys LucidDrive tool – part of the LucidShape product family — allows engineers to test automotive headlight models prior to manufacturing with virtual night-driving simulations.

The latest LucidDrive release, version 2021.12, offers enhanced features to dynamically validate and refine pixel light headlamp models. During night-driving simulations, you can now customize your experience by:

  • Defining a dimming matrix to quickly configure pixel light distributions.
  • Using a dimming matrix to project user-defined icons onto the roadway, such as a turn arrow
  • Easily switching between dimming matrices manually or automatically with trigger points
  • Simulating cornering lamp functionality by shifting dimming matrices
  • Simulating headlight vertical swiveling by shifting dimming matrices

In addition, there are several new configurations to demonstrate and get you started taking advantage of these new pixel light features.

LucidDrive pixel light simulation with user-defined light distributions

Furthermore, the release includes new documentation resources to help you  get started with LucidDrive, use adaptive front-lighting system (AFS) plug-ins, and leverage LucidDrive configurations.

Pixel light headlamps have transformed automotive lighting systems with their ability to increase night-driving safety. A pixel light system subdivides the light pattern into angular segments that can be controlled individually and adjusted to accommodate changing driving and traffic conditions.

Synopsys Optical Solutions help you create smarter, safer pixel light headlamps with a complete design workflow:

  1. Design and optimize the pixel light lens system in CODE V.
  2. Design and simulate the pixel light headlamp in LucidShape or LucidShape CAA V5 Based on CATIA.
  3. Perform dynamic design evaluations in LucidDrive as a final validation step.

Get Started Today

If you already use LucidDrive, download version 2021.12 from Synopsys SolvNetPlus or contact your local LucidShape distributor.

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