Synopsys at CES 2024: Driving the Future of Software-Defined Vehicles

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Jan 08, 2024 / 3 min read

Streaming video. Voice-activated controls. A variety of apps. While these may sound like features in today’s smartphones, they can just as well be applicable to cars. Welcome to the era of software-defined vehicles (SDVs), where sophisticated software running on robust hardware are behind cool, interactive features that delight drivers and passengers.

Look deep inside modern vehicles, and you’ll find Synopsys’ impact. From our electronic design automation (EDA) solutions to our automotive-compliant IP portfolio, our technologies are accelerating the automotive innovations that are shaping the industry’s landscape. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we are showcasing alongside key partners how to optimize automotive SoCs, expedite SDV validation, and increase vehicle safety and security across the supply chain.

Here's a snapshot of what you’ll see from us and our collaborators at CES 2024.

ces 2024 software defined vehicle architecture

AWS: Accelerating Software-Defined Vehicle Validation

In the AWS Automotive booth, #3901 in the West Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you can learn how Synopsys, AWS, MathWorks, and Elektrobit are collaborating to accelerate SDV validation through Synopsys virtual prototyping and electronic digital twins technologies running on AWS Cloud. The booth demo will showcase the creation of multi-abstraction digital twins for cloud-based testing, continuous integration/continuous deployment, and early software development and validation.

More software content in vehicles opens up the possibility of increased risk of failures. One way to mitigate these risks is through digital twins, or virtual representations of systems under development. Digital twins can be used to validate complex automotive systems and ECUs early in the design cycle, well before physical prototypes become available.

Continental: Enabling a Head Start on Vehicle Software Validation

Our collaboration with Continental is enabling engineers to virtually develop, test, and validate vehicle software for new SoCs in the cloud, up to 18 months faster than with traditional processes. Continental has integrated our virtual prototyping solutions for virtual electronic control units (vECUs) within their Automotive Edge (CAEdge) cloud-based development framework. Without having to wait for physical chips to be available before they begin software development, engineers can get a head start on their overall development cycle and mitigate software-related risks early on. Continental will demonstrate the CAEdge technology in their showcase at the Central Plaza across from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Microsoft and Cognata: Facilitating Faster Development of Automated Driving Systems

Automated driving systems are among the many automotive systems that can benefit from the development and validation speed-up that digital twins provide. Synopsys technologies for digital twins—including our virtual prototyping solutions for vECUs—are being integrated with Cognata SimCloud digital twin-based simulation platform for AI-based training, testing, and validation. SimCloud, which runs on Microsoft Azure, is part of Microsoft’s reference SDV development toolchain.

Cognata will demonstrate its Synopsys-enabled solution at Microsoft’s Experience Center at the Wynn Hotel during CES. The demo will provide a look at the complete virtualization of traditional hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tasks in the cloud environment. With the Synopsys virtual ECU solutions, Cognata SimCloud, and Microsoft’s SDV Cloud Infrastructure, automotive engineers can shift-left their AI-based training and validation of automated driving systems.

In addition to the above, Synopsys will showcase demonstrations with NXP at the NXP Pavilion and with Arm and Aurora Labs at the Venetian Hotel. For more information and to submit a meeting request, visit Synopsys at CES 2024

Beyond Automotive: Other Activities at CES 2024

Synopsys’ presence at CES 2024 will extend beyond the automotive space. Packetcraft, a global leader in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IP, announced today that it has integrated its Bluetooth Qualified 5.4 Host software with Synopsys Bluetooth LE radio and link layer controller IP to support a broad market with a full turnkey offering, from RF to application. Packetcraft executives will be available at CES to discuss the collaboration with Synopsys and the latest Bluetooth innovations including LE Audio, Auracast™ broadcast audio, Bluetooth 5.4 with PAwR, and other emerging trends and technologies. To book a CES meeting in the Venetian Expo with Packetcraft, click here

Also today, Deirdre Hanford, Synopsys’ chief security officer, will join the panel discussion, “The Trend of Next-Gen Semiconductors and Their Applications” as part of the Taiwan Science and Technology Hub Conference at CES 2024. The conference takes place from 9:30a.m. to 11:30a.m. at the Milano Ballroom at Caesars Palace.

See you in Las Vegas!

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