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Why DAST Remains a Primary Pillar in a Holistic AppSec Program

Why DAST remains a primary pillar in a holistic AppSec program

Modern software development practices such as agile and DevOps have increased the complexity of applications as well as the speed at which they are produced. But as applications become smaller and more numerous, understanding and managing their security risk often requires more time than business needs allow.

Shifting security left—introducing application security testing (AST) tools earlier in the software development life cycle (SDLC)—while successful in preventing some vulnerabilities from getting into production, presents cultural challenges, such as 

  • Lengthy scan cycles
  • Duplicate findings and false positives
  • Proliferation of tools and scans 

Another consideration frequently overlooked in the rush to shift left is that security risk always comes from the right—that is, from the production side of the equation. A developer who writes risky code hasn’t put the organization at risk until that code is deployed in the production environment.

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