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Without proper design, implementation, and management, APIs can pose security risks to your organization by creating vulnerabilities in open source, third-party libraries, and components. Synopsys offers tools and services to help your security and development teams achieve an effective API security testing program.

APIs are the fastest-growing attack surface


Of ESG survey respondents stated that APIs were their greatest security concern


Of ESG survey respondents faced attacks that resulted in the loss of data due to insecure APIs

Understand API security challenges

Lack of knowledge about total application security posture 

Development and AppSec teams do not have a holistic view of their application APIs, including shadow and rogue APIs. They often have inaccurate or missing API documentation, which contributes to a distorted view of risk posture.

No expertise on API testing best practices

Many organizations lack knowledge about how to properly test web interfaces and back-end APIs as part of their overall AppSec program. QA teams struggle with the manual process of configuring APIs for authentication and access control, consuming vast amounts of time and resources.

Limited visibility into API architecture and dataflow between external services

AppSec teams often only have a truncated view of the overall system risks instead of a holistic view of dataflow from API endpoints to components within their apps.

Secure API-based applications


Discover API endpoints

Discover API endpoints for each application asset and build API inventory. Track/instrument automated deployments to maintain API Inventory.


Continuously test APIs

Assess API security and continuously test for vulnerabilities. Integrate API testing and documentation as part of the CI/CD pipeline. Provide actionable results in a developer-friendly format.


Fix API vulnerabilities

Fix API weaknesses by verifying findings with line-of-code insights. Remediate issues in real-time with speed and efficiency.

Create an effective API security testing program with Synopsys

Organizations need to establish a comprehensive API security testing program that includes a strategy to tackle API-based application risks. By creating a plan for API life cycle management and policy, cataloging an API inventory of all known and shadow APIs across the enterprise attack surface, and using application security testing tools to detect vulnerabilities and generate insights on API weaknesses, you can safeguard your enterprise applications from potential threats.

Automatic API discovery
Automatically detect endpoints exposed by your application and perform continuous testing

Seeker discovers all known and unknown API endpoints, creating an API catalog and addressing your need to find APIs across the application landscape. The tool automatically updates the inventory and performs continuous testing on those APIs to assess vulnerability risks, mitigating challenges of AppSec teams starting out on their API security journey.

Continuous API testing
Automatically test the entire attack surface

Seeker’s Active Inspection feature takes API specifications and automatically generates requests to cover the attack surface of your application. Seeker takes advantage of any existing authenticated session to reuse authentication tokens for testing with no required configuration. Seeker also tests hidden parameters to root out potentially dangerous security vulnerabilities and flags any sensitive data exposed in your applications.

API vulnerability remediation guidance

Easy remediation
Pinpoint flaws in code and data with visual dataflow map

Seeker has white-box visibility of the running code and dataflow behind the APIs. Your development teams get context-based remediation guidance and real-time information from the dataflow map, which shows the architecture of the system under test, including large microservices applications; the connections between connected services in the organization; and outgoing connections to external web services providers. Seeker supports microservices applications using GraphQL and RESTful APIs.

API program strategy
Build API security controls and policy

Synopsys application security and risk management offers strategic advisory services that include enterprise API program strategy design, threat and risk assessments, and API penetration testing to address all your API security needs.

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