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The complexity of modern applications introduces security, quality, and compliance issues into the supply chain, whether inadvertently or maliciously, leaving your customers at risk. Synopsys software supply chain security solutions help you identify and manage software supply chain risks throughout the entire application development life cycle.

Identify upstream risk

  • Detect, track, and manage open source dependencies in source code, files, containers, and artifacts.
  • Evaluate dependencies for security vulnerabilities, IP conflicts, poor health and quality, and malicious behavior.

Generate complete and compliant SBOMs

  • Import third-party Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) and evaluate for component risk.
  • Generate SPDX and CycloneDX SBOMs containing open source, proprietary, and commercial dependencies.
  • Customize SBOM fields to align with industry, regulatory, or customer requirements.
  • Build SBOMs automatically with CI/CD tool integrations and APIs.
  • Create SBOMs automatically with Synopsys software composition analysis (SCA).

Build secure applications

  • Evaluate proprietary source code for security and quality defects.
  • Identify malware and malicious code in build artifacts.
  • Harden software development pipeline and toolchain.

Comply with emerging supply chain regulations

  • Prepare for SSDF self-attestation.
  • Align with NTIA and FDA SBOM requirements.
  • Adhere to secure software development frameworks.
  • Enable visibility to support vulnerability management, IP compliance, and functional safety workflows.

Build trust in your software supply chain with Synopsys

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