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Balancing the competing demands of application security, rapid development, and continuous delivery isn't easy. The software you build is increasingly complex, but you have less time to deliver it. The security demands on development teams are increasing, and managing them requires optimized tooling. As Dev and DevOps teams, you pride yourself on quality, innovation, and speed; now security has to be part of the game. 

Security that meets you where you are

As developers, you need to support application security without changing your workflows. Automate risk detection in the pipeline and accelerate remediation with on-demand testing and fix guidance directly in the IDE.

Shift security everywhere

Stay secure even when security teams aren’t looking. Gain insight from continuous testing at each stage of the SDLC, aligned to AppSec policies so there’s no waiting to know what is a priority. Seamlessly scale with the flexibility to evolve security with your projects and your business. 

Foster a DevSecOps culture

Security is everyone’s responsibility, but it’s not your main role. Integrate security testing and closed-loop feedback that eliminates siloes and ensures complete risk visibility. Build a security-capable team so you can avoid and fix issues before pushing them downstream.

Build security into every stage of development

Synopsys solutions for development and DevOps teams help you avoid costly rework and missed shipping deadlines due to failed late-stage security tests. Build security and quality into your SDLC, without compromising on productivity or velocity.

Code Sight IDE security scanning

Find and fix security defects while you code

Get real-time analysis of security defects in the code you write and the open source components you incorporate into your projects, directly within the IDE. Fix issues faster with prescriptive remediation guidance sourced from the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC), or avoid issues altogether with bite-sized developer security training.

Optimize application security testing for CI/CD

AppSec testing doesn’t have to bring pipelines to a halt. Integrate testing at any stage across the SLDC and CI/CD pipelines, using a scalable, flexible AppSec platform to run only the necessary tests for the changes made and the project being shipped. Leave the security risk policies to the AppSec team while you focus on fixing the issues that matter most.

Polaris dashboard appsec testing
Seeker dashboard vulnerability list

Turn functional tests into security tests

Get insight into vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations, or other exploitable conditions that only manifest at runtime, without modifying your existing manual or automated functional tests. Monitor application behavior in the background of your preproduction runtime testing with interactive application security testing and automatically verify results so you aren’t distracted by chasing down false positives.

Cultivate security skills among developers

All too often, developers lack the training or experience required to design and build secure software or quickly fix issues within their projects. Curate and scale developer security training and secure coding education that is pertinent to the technologies your teams are using. Automatically recommend risk-relevant modules, associated with issues detected during security testing, accessible directly within the IDE, issue management tools (e.g., Jira), and Synopsys AST solutions.

Secure Code Warrior training

Resources for building secure software