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DevSecOps Strategy Guide: Balancing Speed and Security

As development technologies become more fast-paced, modular, and automated, the tools and practices used to secure software must evolve to keep pace. While many application security testing (AST) tools can be integrated into pipelines, teams often struggle with noisy results, undefined policies, unnecessary testing that impedes speed, and a skills gap.

An efficient DevSecOps strategy requires a balance of speed and security to ensure that high-quality software is developed and delivered at scale. This requires a concerted approach that focuses on

  • Integrating and automating AST tools to perform continuous testing throughout the SDLC
  • Defining and automating AppSec policies and metrics to create a consistent, unified vision
  • Cultivating security capabilities among developers
  • Leveraging platform-based AST that evolves with your business

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DevSecOps Strategy Guide: Balancing Speed and Security

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