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Testing applications solely in development is not enough to protect software from attacks in production. Many vulnerabilities found in production don't exist yet in source code, and arise only when deployed. Predicting the universe of interactions between millions of assets connected via APIs and integrations is impossible—and the main reason why software, even in the world's largest and smartest companies, is still being breached.

To fully secure today's software, the entire attack surface must be accounted for. This means implementing continuous dynamic application security testing (DAST) of web, mobile, and API applications in addition to traditional static application security testing (SAST) and software composition analysis (SCA).

Taking a DAST-first approach, or "testing right to shift left," is necessary for effective DevSecOps and unlocking the full potential of AppSec.

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  • Why it's vital to get high-fidelity coverage of the attack surface
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  • How DAST can provide guidance for securing software