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How to Scale Application Security Across the Enterprise

Enterprise organizations have hundreds of developers on numerous teams in dozens of business units. They are all working on thousands of applications, releasing software in very rapid iteration cycles. The challenges of development across all these software development life cycles, business units, and organizational silos are well known, and the sheer scale of enterprise development multiplies these challenges.

In this guide, you’ll explore the challenges of managing software application risk at enterprise scale and learn about solutions that can help bring those challenges under control.

Download the guide to learn

  • How to implement uniform policies to rein in tool sprawl
  • How to consolidate your view of risk across the enterprise with an application security posture management (ASPM) solution
  • How an ASPM solution can help you evaluate the efficiency of your AppSec testing tools and identify gaps in your teams
  • How one Synopsys customer simplified their AppSec management using the ASPM solution Software Risk Manager
How to scale application security across the enterprise

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