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Expand Risk Awareness in Your DevSecOps Program to Accelerate AppSec

Although most organizations have adopted some level of DevSecOps practices, they continue to face barriers, including a lack of visibility into security issues. According to the Synopsys “State of DevSecOps” report, 28% of respondents said it takes as much as three weeks to patch critical security risks/vulnerabilities in their deployed applications, with another 20% reporting that it can take up to a month.

The diversity and velocity of development activities, the complexity of continuous integration and deployment pipelines, and the absence of a DevSecOps culture all contribute to a lack of risk awareness, but there are effective strategies and best practices that DevSecOps teams can use to achieve a comprehensive understanding of their risk.

This guide explores the challenges organizations face in establishing end-to-end visibility into security risks. And it offers key strategies and AppSec solutions that can help teams get a clear line of sight into issues as early as possible.

Download the guide to learn

  • What AppSec solutions can help organizations achieve visibility across every stage of the software development life cycle
  • How to strengthen alignment across DevSecOps teams with established standards, guidelines, and security training
  • How to maintain closed feedback loops to address security risks at scale
Expand Your Risk Awareness to Accelerate Application Security

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