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Synopsys and NowSecure join forces

Vishrut Iyengar

Aug 08, 2023 / 2 min read

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives, and with their increasing prevalence, the need for robust security measures has never been more critical. Recognizing this, Synopsys is enhancing its mobile application security testing (MAST) offering through a strategic partnership with NowSecure.

The partnership adds NowSecure’s automated, continuous MAST solution into the Synopsys product arsenal, which is specifically designed for the complex framework of today's mobile software development lifecycle. The new offering, Mobile Application Security Testing powered by NowSecure, complements and broadens Synopsys' industry-leading managed MAST services, and provides unparalleled testing coverage for mobile applications.

In today's digital landscape, mobile apps are the dominant platform, accounting for the majority of online time, according to Comscore’s annual benchmarks. This global shift toward mobile apps from the desktop over the last decade is evident in the over 200 billion apps downloaded last year alone, which averages out to 80 apps per mobile device. Virtually every business and government agency now offers their own mobile apps that are integral to their core operations, customer service, and revenue generation.

However, despite this widespread adoption of mobile apps, most development and security teams have been slow to embrace mobile security. Alarming statistics from NowSecure's MobileRiskTracker indicate that 85% of mobile apps in public app stores include one or more high-risk vulnerability or violate one or more OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standards (MASVS). And 70% leak private data, potentially breaching GDPR/CCPA and other privacy regulations.

The bottom line is clear: organizations must invest in delivering first-class mobile app experiences that prioritize security and privacy. Ensuring secure and private mobile apps that users can trust is now a vital aspect of staying competitive and building trust with customers. Together, Synopsys and NowSecure provide a powerful suite of solutions that address the multidimensional challenges faced by security professionals and software developers. Leveraging Synopsys' managed MAST assessments alongside NowSecure's automated MAST capabilities, organizations can now systematically uncover and resolve security vulnerabilities in their mobile applications throughout their development life cycle. This synergy fosters enhanced security, efficiency, and collaboration.

Key benefits of this partnership

Continuous mobile application security

NowSecure offers continuous, customizable, and accurate mobile app security and privacy solutions, designed to keep pace with the rapid evolution of mobile development needs. By integrating automated static, dynamic, interactive, and API security testing capabilities into your mobile app development lifecycle, NowSecure streamlines and centralizes mobile app security testing, and provides a single, user-friendly solution for comprehensive assessments.

Improved efficiency and collaboration

The partnership between Synopsys and NowSecure enables organizations to maximize efficiency and collaboration across teams and workflows. NowSecure’s flexible and customizable nature allows seamless integration within the mobile app development lifecycle, eliminating friction and driving faster feedback loops for DevSecOps. Development teams receive prioritized tickets with embedded remediation guides, code samples, and more, and security teams receive clear issues to review, optimizing the collaboration and alignment between these critical stakeholders.

Enhanced scalability and coverage

NowSecure empowers organizations to scale their mobile app security efforts effectively. With rapid automated analysis of Android and iOS binaries on real devices, NowSecure enables full-coverage assessments in minutes. The solution also supports complex apps by leveraging NowSecure analysts via guided testing to ensure complete coverage, even when faced with anti-automation features.

Easy compliance with industry standards

NowSecure Policy Engine facilitates further team alignment and prioritization by offering prebuilt and customized policies based on industry standards like OWASP MASVS and relevant compliance requirements. This enables businesses to meet regulatory obligations and enhance their security posture efficiently.

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At the core of this partnership is our shared vision of empowering organizations to take control of their mobile app security and demonstrate that they are safeguarding data for their mobile users. The combination of Synopsys’ unparalleled managed MAST assessments with NowSecure’s exceptional capabilities enables organizations to systematically identify and rectify security vulnerabilities in their mobile applications, bolstering security, efficiency, and collaboration throughout their development processes.

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