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Navigating complexity in AppSec

Charlotte Freeman

Feb 21, 2024 / 3 min read

Even as the speed of software development increases, security remains a paramount concern. As organizations strive to keep pace with rapid innovation, they grapple with the dual challenge of maintaining agility while ensuring the security of their software products. Enter AppSec on the Move 2024, a pivotal event that promises to shed light on strategies for improving the return on investment (ROI) of application security (AppSec).

The challenge: Navigating complexity in AppSec

Software has permeated every industry, from healthcare to finance, and entertainment to logistics. With this widespread adoption comes an array of security challenges. How can development teams stay ahead of the curve, delivering secure software without compromising speed? The answer lies in understanding the intricacies of AppSec and finding effective ways to consolidate insight, processes, and tools.

The proliferation of tools

Security teams have responded to the growing threat landscape by deploying an arsenal of tools. These tools address various aspects of security, from vulnerability scanning to code analysis, and penetration testing to threat modeling. However, this proliferation has unintended consequences. Teams now grapple with complexity, friction in the software development life cycle (SDLC), and an inflated total cost of ownership (TCO).

Vendor consolidation: A strategic move

Recognizing the need for efficiency and simplicity, organizations are increasingly turning to vendor consolidation. According to Gartner, the percentage of organizations pursuing consolidation rose from 29% in 2020 to a staggering 75% in 2022. But consolidation is not merely about reducing the number of vendors; it’s about optimizing the entire AppSec ecosystem.

Unlocking the key to software security

At AppSec on the Move 2024, we delve beyond the surface-level benefits of consolidation. Our keynote speaker, Nouredin Ali Elsaroubi, a seasoned security engineer, will guide us through a differentiated approach. Here’s what you’ll learn

  • Streamlining tools and processes: Discover how to streamline your security tools and processes for improved resource efficiency. Uncover hidden synergies and eliminate redundancies.
  • Prioritized risk data: Learn how to focus your teams by prioritizing risk data across your security program. Make informed decisions based on real-time insights.
  • Rapid risk insight: Explore techniques to deliver comprehensive risk insight swiftly. Time is of the essence, especially when audits are on the horizon.

In the cloud: Modern application security practices

In a cloud-centric world, application security must adapt. Our second session, featuring Molka Elleuch, an expert in cloud-based security practices, will cover these issues in depth. Here’s what’s in store.

  • Components of modern application security: Elleuch will delve into the essential elements of modern AppSec. From threat modeling to secure coding practices, understanding these components is crucial for safeguarding cloud applications.
  •  Empowering developers: Quick code scanning and early vulnerability detection empower developers to proactively address security issues. Elleuch will share practical approaches to integrate security seamlessly into the development process.
  • Mitigating vulnerabilities: Discover actionable strategies for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities specific to cloud-based environments. Elleuch’s insights will help you build a resilient security posture.

The rise of AI coding assistants

AI coding assistants, including Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT, have emerged as powerful allies for developers. These tools augment human creativity and efficiency by suggesting code snippets, catching errors, and providing context-aware recommendations. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Teams must navigate the risks associated with AI-generated code while harnessing its potential.

Join our third session featuring Patrick Carey, senior director of product marketing for Synopsys Software Integrity Group, who will share insights on maximizing productivity while mitigating risks. Here’s what’s in store.

Key risks and precautions

  • Security risks: AI-generated code can inadvertently introduce vulnerabilities. Teams must rigorously review and test code produced by these assistants to ensure it adheres to security best practices.
  • Quality risks: While AI can accelerate development, it may not always produce elegant or maintainable code. Balancing speed with quality is crucial.
  • Intellectual property risks: Be mindful of licensing and ownership implications. Some AI models incorporate open source code, requiring compliance with relevant licenses.

Safeguards for confident use

  • Code review: Establish robust code review processes. Human eyes can catch nuances that AI might miss.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing, including static analysis and dynamic testing, helps identify vulnerabilities early.
  • Documentation: Document AI-generated code thoroughly. Understand its purpose, dependencies, and potential risks.

EU Cyber Resilience Act: Preparing for the future

In our fourth session, led by Tim Mackey, Synopsys open source evangelist and head of software supply chain risk strategy, will cover the  European Union’s Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). Learn about how the CRA sets guidelines for enhancing cybersecurity across digital services. Although enforcement begins in 2026, proactive steps are essential.

Alignment with modern AppSec practices

  • DevSecOps integration: CRA aligns with DevSecOps principles. Organizations already practicing secure development will find many requirements familiar.
  • Risk assessment: Evaluate your existing AppSec program against CRA requirements. Identify gaps and prioritize remediation.
  • Collaboration: Learn from other regulated spaces. Lessons from financial services, healthcare, and critical infrastructure can inform your approach.

Join us

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your AppSec knowledge. Whether you’re a developer, security professional, or IT leader, AppSec on the Move 2024 promises actionable insights and networking opportunities. Register now and be part of the revolution in software security.

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AppSec On The Move

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