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Building Security In Podcast: Machine Learning + AI

Synopsys Editorial Team

Jul 16, 2023 / 1 min read

Episode 2: Software Security + AI and Machine Learning

In episode 2, guest Gary McGraw discusses the changes that have taken place in the software security space, starting with early programs, and covering the current impact of AI and machine learning.

Discussion topics include

  • DevSecOps and who’s responsible for security
  • The impact ransomware has had on public perception about the need to ‘build security in’
  • The progress in authentication, authorization, and network security
  • AI + machine learning: The security of AI systems, how the industry should think about design and identifying risk in this new environment, and discussions from ELIZA to ChatGPT. Thoughts on new threats, the risks of believing AI systems can ‘understand’, and the implications of AI in the security field and beyond.

Guest biography

GaryMcGraw is co-founder of the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning. He is a globally recognized authority on software security and the author of eight bestselling books on that topic. His works include ‘Software Security’, ‘Exploiting Software’, ‘Building Secure Software’, ‘Java Security’, ‘Exploiting Online Games’, and 6 others. He is also editor of the Addison-Wesley Software Security series.

Dr. McGraw has also written over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He serves on the Advisory Boards of Calypso AI, Legit, Irius Risk, Maxmyinterest, Protopia AI, Red Sift, and Secure Code Warrior. He served as a Board member of Cigital and Codiscope and as Advisor to CodeDX, Black Duck, Dasient, Fortify Software, and Invotas. Gary produced the monthly ‘Silver Bullet Security Podcast’ for IEEE Security & Privacy magazine for thirteen years. His dual PhD is in Cognitive Science and Computer Science from Indiana University, where he serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.

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